Ticketing Info

Willett Hall Box Office: (Monday-Friday 9:30 am – 5 pm)

Cash, check, Visa & MasterCard accepted.

The Box Office information line is (757) 393-5144.


TicketMaster Outlets: (Hours vary depending on location)

TicketMaster Charge By Phone: (Monday-Sunday 9AM-9PM)

Visa, MasterCard, Discover and American Express accepted.

Service charge for Willett Hall events is $4.25 per ticket, plus $2.05 handling charge for the order. Phone number is (757) 671-8100.


Complimentary Tickets: There is a $0.10 per ticket sold ticket change and $2.50 ticket charge for complimentary tickets. Selling of complimentary tickets is prohibited.


Charged Card Tickets: There is a 3% charge for all tickets purchased with a charge card.


Door Sales: The Box Office will be open 2 hours prior to showtime and 1 hour after showtime unless otherwise requested. Exceptions to this include: if the event occurs on a week night, the Box Office will not close at 5PM as usual.


Publicity, Promotions & Advertisement


ALL advertisements, publicity and promotional materials (i.e., ads, flyers, posters, PSA’s) must be reviewed and approved by Willett Hall management prior to production and release to the public.