Auditorium Rent (4hrs)

An EVENT is a show, rehearsal, performance, recital, program, graduation, reception, meeting, church service, or any other use of the facility. All dates will be held for three (3) weeks only, for a specifically named event, and will be considered tentative until a contract is executed: signed and returned, with deposit and certificate of insurance, naming the City of Portsmouth as additionally insured. Contracts returned without full deposit and proper certificate of insurance will not be accepted after a contract is executed.

Deposits are non-refundable under any circumstances, and non-transferable to other events/contracts. A second hold can be placed on the same date, and contract will be awarded to the second holder if the first holder does not meet the three-week deadline. Dates for a similar or the same type of event and/or market may not be sold simultaneously; nor should any promoter advertise such an event if it conflicts with another such event at Willett Hall. Split dates will not be booked if rent is not paid to cover the unused days in between. Settlements will be scheduled when the contract is executed, and will not be made at the time of the event. Settlements will be paid with a check or wire transfer, payable only to the lessee, as specified on the contract. No exceptions will be made, even with the lessee’s permission. Funds will not be advanced prior to the scheduled settlement, with no exceptions, under any circumstances.

Minimum staff requirements for most events are: an Event Manager, 2 support staff (ushers, ticket-takers, etc.), 2 police officers, 1 sound technician, 1 electrician, 1 stagehand and 1 fly operator. For safety reasons and to avoid liability issues, only authorized personnel may operate curtains, equipment, sound, lighting, etc. If event attendance exceeds 500 people, a fire marshal will be required on the premises for the duration. Each load-in, each event and each load-out will require a 4-hour minimum for technical staff. Irregular hours, listed in the following rates, apply to Sundays, holidays, load-out, and overtime (more than 8 hours).

Admission Tax 10% of ticket sales
Auditorium Rent $200 per regular hour; $300 per overtime hour
Box Office $400 per event (including 2 hrs. prior); $100 per additional hour
Concession $100 per regular hour
Credit Card 3.25% of total tickets charged
Custodial $300 per event
Deposit Required $1,000 per single event; $2,000 per contract for multiple of same event
Facility Charge $1.00 per ticket sold by box office
Lobby Only $100 per regular hour
Merchandise Sales $200 or 20% per vendor per event, payable by lessee at settlement only
Reception Room $100 per regular hour
Restoration Fee $100 per regular hour

NOTE: Arrangements can be made upon request for medical personnel

Piano, Grand $150
Spotlight $80 per spot

NOTE: Arrangements can be made, with 30 days notice, for telephone line installation. A deposit for costs will be required.

Backstage Supervisor $12 per regular hour
Event Manager $20 per regular hour
Fire Marshal $30 per regular hour, required for more than 500 people
Front of the House Supervisor $12 per regular hour
Piano Tuner TBD
Security $32 per regular hour, per officer
Support Staff $12 per regular hour, per person


Job Title Regular OT
Brick Thrower $20.32 $30.48
Carpenter $18.16 $27.24
Climber/Flyman $26.24 $39.34
Electrician $25.23 $37.85
Rigger Down/Up/Head $37.83/$46.88/42.39 $56.75/70.32/63.59
Forklift Operator $28.30 $42.45
Hairdresser $23.63 $35.45
House Light Operator $25.23 $37.85
Laundry $20.32 $30.48
Props $18.16 $27.24
Pusher $18.61 $27.92
Runner $18.61 $27.92
Seamstress $23.63 $35.45
Sound $25.23 $37.85
Spot Operator $20.32 $30.48
Stagehand $18.61 $27.92
Steward/Crew Chief $28.56 $42.84
Truck Loader $22.57 $33.86
Truss Spot Operator $26.46 $39.69
Video $21.26 $31.89
Head Wardrobe $22.37 $33.56

NOTE: Premium rates apply for National Holidays, Sundays and after 8 consecutive hours and are available upon request.